Happy New Year!

Hello Friends, Family, and Countrymen!

 Thought the Countrymen part makes it a little more dramatic even if it makes little senseJ

 Happy New Year everyone!  The Armstrong Family is looking forward to 2011 (imagine that!) and we hope you all are looking forward to making 2011 a great year too.  We wish you all much happiness, good fortune, and most importantly good health. 

 I noticed we hadn’t sent out any sort of mass update in some time, so a quick progress report.  I am feeling strong enough to start work again, and will be working a combination of home and office hours beginning this Monday the 3rd.  As my stamina recovers, I’ll gradually increase my hours in the office.  I’m looking forward to taking one more step towards resuming my normal routine. 

 To help me regain my strength, I have been doing physical rehab 3 days a week at the hospital as part of a Cardiac Rehab program.  Feels really good to be working out again even if it is at 1/3 of the pace I used too.  The program is 8-12 weeks and then I graduate to a self-monitored program that I continue at home or in the gym.  My first immediate goal is to be strong enough to do a couple ski runs with the kids before the 2010-11 ski season ends.  The doctors and rehab nurses think it’s a great goal and are helping me tailor my workouts to get there.

 I plan to see more of you all in 2011 and will be gradually getting out and about more over the next 3 months.  Still have to be careful around kids and anyone that might be exposed to cold and flu bugs.  It’s a little frustrating having to limit my social contact, but I’ll just have to be patient a little while longer.  Small price to pay in the big scheme!

 Thanks for reading and being there for our family.  We’ve really been blessed to have you all in our lives.

 Jim and Sue

Ashley, Meggie, and Jilly



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