6 month Update!

Hello Friends and Family!

 You may remember from previous messages that I told everyone that no news from me meant good news – well that’s very much the case, news is good!  I had been asked by a few people to put together a little note to let everyone know how the progress goes.  Good idea, so here goes…….

I am happy to report that I just celebrated my 6 month anniversary with this wonderful new heart on April 15.  Kind of funny to celebrate on tax day….maybe there’s some link I’m missing!  In any case, we are all very happy with my medical progress.  There will be hiccups along the way, and there have been a couple, but we’ve continued to keep it all in perspective.  I never would have expected to be back at work full time, attending the girls sporting events, and getting out visiting with family and friends so soon.  It makes me excited to think about how much closer we all are to returning to “normal” family life.  Although you all know that normal is very much subjective!

I am trying hard to get my physical strength back up so that I can play a little soccer on the weekends and get back out to some sailboat racing.  I know this will be the longest part of the recovery, so of course it is the part that makes me the most impatient.  Patience clearly one of my greatest strengths (Not) L.  I focus on cardio exercise still, and I am hoping to get clearance soon to do some weight training to build back my muscle mass.  In the meantime, I’ve made really good progress on the treadmill, bike, and elliptical machine.  Looking forward to moving more of my exercise outside if it ever stops raining here!  You would hardly know I had a transplant when I’m just walking down the street at this point, and that’s a big change from even 3 months ago.  I hope to be at 75-80% of my former strength by the middle of summer (9 months or July), and I think it is a realistic goal.  I’m definitely smaller than I was prior to getting ill, but gaining back some weight and in the right places.  I finally broke down and had a few of my suits re-cut.  They look great, I think I look pretty good in them, but I would not recommend this diet to any of my friends!  There are definitely better ways to trim down a size or 2!

The family is doing great, and they continue to be my greatest source of strength and support.  Girls always checking up on dad (I think Sue coaches them!) and it always makes me chuckle a little bit inside.  It’s really very sweet.   The girls are super busy as we enter the crunch time for sports, dance, school functions, and church activities.  I don’t even think about trying to make any plans without checking the master calendar first!  I wouldn’t trade the hectic schedule for anything – I never liked sitting around anyways.  Sue makes this entire craziness look easy as she keeps all of us on mission.  We’ll make sure to thank her properly on Mother’s day next weekend.  Really a remarkable women.

 We continue to appreciate and thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for our family.  We truly appreciate them and want you to know that we keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers too.  Hoping you all have a great spring and I know we’ll start seeing more of you in person as the weather turns warmer and we make an effort to get out and reconnect. 


Yours truly,


Jim and Sue

Ashley, Meggie, and Jilly




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